Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Mamma AND Papa

"Kitta loves Mamma AND Papa" is her latest and most endearing sentence these days. It started when Papa (my hubby) had to go out of town for a couple of days last week. He left for Pune on Wednesday and got back on Friday night. Little N was ok while he was gone coz I had explained to her that he is gone on an aeroplane to Poona. She asked for him atleast once a day but when I asked her where he is, she promptly replied "Papa gone to office and aeroplane to Poona". All was well until he finally returned on Friday night. She was just about to fall asleep after cuddling with mommy for hours and listening to a bunch of stories. But as soon as she saw Papa at the door, she was so thrilled! She had fun for the next hour playing on the bed with mommy and daddy. And amidst all that fun, we heard her say for the first time "Kitta loves Mamma and Papa"!!! (She calls herself Kitta). And then she said..."I will do ta-ta (means sleep) on the bed and look at Mamma and Papa".

What a delight to these ears. I mean these are emotions straight from her one has taught her how to say this...isn't it amazing that she has finally reached the age where she can connect words to actually articulate what she is truly feeling!? Hearing such words from my child really reinforces something that I already believe in - that a child does need both the parents. One can never replace the other. Its not that she was unhappy with me for these 2 days but the joy in her voice and on her face when she found both of us together was just amazing.

Darling Kitta, Mamma and Papa also love you! Lots and lots and looooots...