Sunday, July 27, 2008

Recent Bomb Blasts in India

My heart sank as soon as I read this news...and to imagine the first place I saw this was not on a news site but on a blog! This one from Chitra to be specific. And suddenly a fear gripped me - were we doing the right thing by deciding to move back to India? Is this really the best decision for our kids? Spoke to my DH and he shrugged it off saying these things can happen anywhere - you really can't predict. True but isn't the track record and probability of Bay Area, CA much lesser than the metros in India so far? To that my DH says - the probability of getting into a car crash is higher than getting caught in a bomb. Maybe so...but still...isn't this like purposely digging our own grave? I am sure I am overreacting here but after hearing such news, who doesn't!

And then the next day it is the same tragedy in Ahmedabad!!!??? They were as cruel as to plant a bomb inside a hospital in Ahmedabad! Is God trying to tell me something here? First it is the city we are planning to move to and the next day it is the city I spent 5 golden years of my college life in. Is it just a series of bad coincidences or should I really be taking a hint? My DH doesn't seem to deter from his decision to move back inspite of all this - sometimes I wish I was not as big a worrier as I currently am. I remember we used to tease my mom growing up when she used to worry like crazy for me and my brother. We used to make fun of her worrying about us for nothing and call her the President of Chintamani Association. But since I have had munchkin, I am beginning to get there myself. Life does come full circle doesn't it?

I do pray for all those injured and dead in these horrific set of events the past 2 days. And like Chitra says in her blog, I do hope the goodness of humanity rules in the end. Amen.


mufs said...

hey where hve YOU disappeared..i sent 2 mails to u on ur yahoo account..hopeu got them
we r fine and hope the same from u..

about the bomb blasts..well what can one someone said on tv..if these ppl have the guts to really get at the ppl they want to..that is either modi,sonia gandhi or whoever.go after them..why kill innocent ppl..

my husband is convinced..its just plain politics and nothing else..

GOD knows BEST..why these things happen and why ppl do the things they do..
May God preotect us all..and give such ppl some sense!!

take care

Divs said...

Hey Mufs - nice to hear back from you. No I have not received any emails from you! Not sure what's going on. Can you pls send me your email again coz I do not have it. You already have my yahoo id and my hotmail id is or you can add me to your Yahoo Messenger list.

Glad to hear that everyone is doing ok after the blasts.