Thursday, June 4, 2009

First Day at School

A new chapter of her life begins...she has grown into a school going toddler...trotting away from home...stepping into a new life one tiny step at a time. I have mixed emotions in my heart as she steps into this world out of the shelter of her cozy little home and family. She will now have to learn to fend for herself, live without her mommy and daddy for a bit and be happy knowing that they will surely come back to get me in their arms. I never thought I would be this emotional today especially since I have gone back to work when she was 3 months old, leaving her home with a very nice lady (her nanny). But then when she turned a year old, we moved from the US to Bangalore and I decided to work from home and then eventually quit working to make sure she settles down completely before I decide to take up something full time here. So today was her first attempt at trying to make it on her own in the midst of lots of other kids. Here are a few pictures from our first day at school:

Happily Walking to School

Enjoying the Swing at School

They told us that school will only be for 30 minutes (9:30 - 10:00am) today and tomorrow (Thursday, Jun 4 2009 and Friday, Jun 5 2009). It is mainly to acclimatize the kids to this new environment. Next week will be longer durations, depending on the child's comfort level. So how did she do today you ask? Well...not so good as I feared. She started crying when Mohini auntie first took her from me but quietened down soon when she started showing her around the lovely campus. That was when I slipped away. After the half hour was up, Meera brought her to me. They said she cried almost throughout...would quieten down at times, ask for me, and when she didn't see me, would cry again. Gosh I have never seen her head shake so vigorously and nodding sideways as when I took her back in my arms. She quietened down immediately...sobbing slowly but calmly. Then when she saw the 2 dogs in the house, she suddenly said "doggie" and was fine again. Then she sat in the swing, did the slides and generally played there for another hour or so. She was fine as long as mommy was there with her. Thank god atleast she didn't hate everything about the place and the day! She came back home pretty happy with herself and singing away. She even told me the auntie's names and has agreed to go back tomorrow. Let's hope she doesn't start bawling at the sight of school tomorrow (as she does when she sees we are going to the doctor's office)!

So here are the only friends she made at school today:

Her 2 friends at school - Bono and Nano (Mohini Auntie's pet dogs)

And here are the 2 great ladies who run this place Kinder Kare with so much love and care:

Mohini Auntie (N calls her Mo Auntie)

Meera Auntie


Anonymous said...

Lovely pics!
Dont next week when its time to pic her up she will probably tell u to some later as she is not done playing!


Anonymous said...

Divya - She'll be alright soon. Just wait for her to enjoy her time there and that's it. Most kids go thro' this.

- Nithya

Divs said...

Thanks Gayathri and Nithya...I sure hope this is just a phase and a quick one too. Its hard to see our little ones go through so much unnecessary trauma :(

Poppins said...

Oh Wow. When did this happen? She grew up when I was away ! Am here after a long time, catching up on your news now..

Divs said...

Welcome back Poppins' Mom. Yup...can't believe myself that my little one is almost 2! Howz your little Sweetpea and Poppins? I feel like I know you so well (through your blog) though we've never really met in real life :-)

hvp said...

Time sure does fly. I still can't believe it when I hear my kids talking about planets and continents. Though I was a SAHM for both of them, I think,"Did I lose out on their childhood or what?" Enjoy Niki's milestones!:))
O btw, a very Happy Birthday to you!! What are you going to do?

Manoj said...
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Divs said...

HVP - Amazing na how soon time flies and how soon we forget all the little questions and concerns we had when they were babies! And thanks so much for the bday wishes. I am quite surprised you remembered after so many years? Is it through facebook?

N Rana said...

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