Saturday, September 5, 2009

Wow what a month (and what an year)!

So many milestones and memories in this past month of August 2009. It sure has been one of the most hectic but one of the most memorable of all since we moved back to India a year ago. Let's see where do I start...

* My dear brother chose his life partner and got engaged to a lovely lady on Aug 22 2009. Him being the only sibling I have, ofcourse we were all excited to fly down and join him on this special occassion. But August was also the month full of swine flu scares and tragedies in this country. So plans kept forming and falling apart until the last minute. So the way it ended up, I flew to Pune alone leaving behing hubby dearest with little N for 2 nights. Enjoyed the engagement ceremony but missed them terribly.

* The day after I got back, my in-laws were slotted to fly down from Mumbai to join us for little N's second birthday. This was the first birthday celebration we would have for her in India so was kinda a big reason for a family reunion of sorts. So we celebrated her second bday on Aug 25 at her playschool and then had a party with friends and family on Aug 29.

* A day before N's party, we all (us and inlaws) decided to make a roadtrip to Mysore. Had a good time there, visited the famous Mysore palace, St. Phelomina's church, Chamundi hills, got back at night and prepared for the big event the following day.

* Had a birthday bash for little N at our apartment complex's clubhouse on Aug 29. Incidently, this day was also our 1 year anniversary of moving back to India from the US. One whole year - not even sure how it flew by. N is one year older and speaking volumes now, making new friends and showing us new things she picks up every day. And one whole year of us settling down in India after over a decade in the US. Making new friends, learning new lessons and rediscovering our past every single moment. Truely a year worth cherishing.

* But as they say, all good things come to an end. Our festivities came to a screeching halt when I came down with a bad case of food poisoning (I think my first time ever) on Sept. 1. Little N had a milder version too along with fever and hubby dearest wasn't spared either (thank god his was the mildest of us all). Nyways, had the worst week ever after a nice fun filled month.

All I can say is...thank god for good friends and family around. It feels wonderful to share with them, the good and the bad, the ups and the downs in this roller coaster of life. So much has much has changed and yet it hardly feels like we just uprooted our whole lives and moved to a new place altogether to start all over again. As they say, its not the place...its the people that make every place worthwhile.


Shruti said...

wow! happy 2nd bday lil N :)

hvp said...

Hey Divya!
Belated Happy Birthday to Niki! How have you been? Well, your latest post explains it all. I hope you have recovered from the food poisoning. I had a bad case of one when I was in India in June. I was there for a week, and I fell sick which ruined a couple of days of my trip.

Poppy said...

Hey Happy Birthday!

That food poisoning sounds bad, I had it once on my usual nri trips and it sucked.

Hope all is well!

P.S Can't tell you how relieved I am that you changed your comment form!

Divs said...

Thanks all for your wishes to little N.

HVP and Poppy: Funnily enough I never ever had food poisoning when I used to visit as an NRI for over a decade! And now all of a sudden and that too with homemade food! Almost seems like god wanted us to definitely remember our 1st anniversary of moving back ;o)

Divs said...

Oh and Poppy - yeah I had others complaining abt the comments form too! Glad it all works now.

Smiti said...

Div, I always get food poisioning when in India... and Yash got it too...
You have had a lot going on - all in one month... I hope things are settling now. Take care

Shruti said...

hey! just saw ur update that u had a dora party too! can u share some pics and ideas? i'm so short of time because of office commitments. did u have any1 dress up as dora? or any specific decorator for the theme??

Anonymous said...

Belated Happy Returns of the day to Lil N! And Congrats on completing 1 year in India :)

We always tend to fall sick on our India trips, and its mostly stomach infection that attacks us :(
How are you feeling now?