Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My First Tag!

Yup - have had my first blogging award and now my first tag ever from NewMumOntheBlock! Now I feel like I truly belong to the blogging world...yay! So here I go telling the world about 7 random things about myself...those interested in listening do read on...others - sorry to subject you to such random nonsense about me :-)

First, the rules:

1. You have to tag seven people
2. You have to link their pages in your tag post
3. You have to leave a comment in their comments section telling them they've been tagged.
4. You have to say who tagged you.
  1. I am not fond of chocolates or ice-creams. And every single time I mention that to anyone, I hear a huge gasp and it never fails to amuse me. But that's the truth...somehow I always wonder what is it about chocolate that makes the world melt. I do like cold drinks (mostly non healthy sodas like Thumbsup) and desserts such as gulab jamuns and besan laddus though.

  2. I have always longed for a perfect hair cut for myself. I sigh when I see others walking with such perfect looking haircuts and I go with pictures to each recommended salon/stylist explaining what I want. But yet I end up with something not even close to what I imagined and always end up wondering if there is anything that can be done with boring straight hair.

  3. Having a child has not only changed everything in my life but also changed me as a person. It just has made me look at the world with a new pair of eyes, think with an entirely new perspective and has made me develop a new found respect for so many types of people and situations now that it is unimaginable.

  4. I feel like I am a mix of an extrovert as well as an introvert as a person. I am generally wary of walking into a room full of strangers and striking captivating conversations but on the other hand, am absolutely comfortable in reaching out to strangers one on one if needed and connecting to them. Wierd right?

  5. I like the idea of being creative :-) I mean I think I am a little creative in life (thanks to my mom who taught me tonnes of things such as fabric painting, nib painting, embroidery, knitting etc. and who inculcated all this interest in me) but given our day to day lives, I hardly find time or the drive to keep it alive. Hence my statement - I like the 'idea' of being creative. I have a whole storage shelf full of 'arts and crafts' stuff to inspire me but when I really sit down to doing it, I run out of ideas :( I still try...and there are good phases now and then in the hobby area but very few and far between (especially after having a child).

  6. I love Shahrukh Khan. Loved him since his good old days of TV shows like Fauji, Circus and then when he came to movies like Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa and especially his bestest of the best - DDLJ. I remember going to the theater three times to watch DDLJ in my college days. That itself is a huuuuuge deal for me since I am not much of a movie person and haven't been to the theater for over 2 years now.

  7. I love rain (and rainy weather). Most people find days when it is cloudy, windy or rainy depressing. But I just love that climate - has a very romantic appeal to me. This morning was one such really romantic weather type day. I came to office with a smile on my face full of energy and ideas. While some people preferred to stay in their blankets and cuddle up in the coziness just a little longer, I was buzzing with energy and happiness.
There you go! I am probably so horribly late at doing this tag but better late than never right? My next task is to tag 7 other bloggers with this tag but my problem is I don't even know if I know 7 bloggers that well. Anyways guys - if you haven't done this tag already, pls feel free to take it up - Mindful Meanderer, Priyanka, Preeti, Nithya, Jyoti, HVP, Chitra.


MindfulMeanderer said...

:) I'll do it.. but it'll take some time. ok?
Nice to read 7 things abt u.
u don't like chocolates??????????? I love Gulabjamuns too :)

having a kid relly changes u as a person. Soo true.

Don't worry. keep those artsy-craftsy things in place. Once ur lil 1 grows up a lil, u can both start doing it n have fun.

Divs said...

Thanks MM :-) Would be nice to read more abt you. Yup - me and chocolates absolutely don't go together. And thanks for the advise from the super artsy-craftsy mommmy! I have actually hung on to those things for so long now - even moved them all from US to India :-) Someday...sigh!!!

Chitra said...

Hey Divs - wonderful reading things about you. :)
I will do it, and maybe this week itself!

You know, we have so much in common! I am not into chocolates and ice-creams also! I love rainy weather .... and I can relate to your point 4 too. :)

Will complete the tag and let you know.

Divs said...

Great to hear Chitra! Can't wait to read more abt you :-)

Oh and I didn't realize we did have so much in common. I don't often meet folks who don't like chocolates and ice creams or who can relate to point#4 as well.

piyush said...

Hey Sis,

Nice to know a bit more about you....

i agree with the 5 relating it with the nik's b'day card.

And rest is fine,all of us have something that is not clear to ourselves also.


Anonymous said...

Loved reading things about you. I liked #5 the best, because I feel the same way about creativity. Thanks for tagging me. I had done a similar tag long back, but it was 25 facts about myself, here it is:

newmumontheblock said...

Hey we have so much in common! Completely understand what you mean by the change after having a baby, you really do see the world around with new eyes. I feel like a mix of an extrovert and an introvert too, weird as it sounds :) and you know about my quest for the perfect haircut (sigh!). Ditto on loving rain, SRK and the idea of being creative :D the only miss is the chocolate- I would do ANYTHING to not like chocs its my biggest weakness! And congrats on the award!

Divs said...

Thanks Piyush, Priyanka and NewMum! sure is nice to know you appreciate my creative side :-) Oh and Priyanka - it sure was nice to read 25 things abt you! Such tags are nice coz it gives one a sneak peak into the other's personality. Thanks NewMum for tagging me :-)

newmumontheblock said...

Award for you on my blog, come collect!