Thursday, June 24, 2010

Poll Time

Ok people - please provide me your honest opinions on this childcare issue that has been a lot on my mind lately. For a 2 yr 9 month old toddler who is not too fond of leaving mommy all day long and is generally a shy personality in public (a naughty brat at home or amongst close friends though), what would you personally prefer as a childcare arrangement while mommy is away at work:
  • Daycare?
  • Maid at Home?
  • Combination of Both?
  • Not Sure
Please use the poll I have created on the right navigation bar here and send me your detailed thought process behind your vote in the comments section if possible. I have had lot of issues finding the right maid for my little girl and have gone through atleast 6 of them in the last 6 months. Each had their pros and cons and I have even tried daycare which has its pros and cons too. But am unable to make up my mind on what I prefer more - her comfort of being in her own home with a maid I may or may not trust or her discomfort of being outside of her familiar surroundings at a day care but with caregivers I may grow to trust. Get the picture? I think most of you working moms go through this and figure out what works for your family the best. I am trying to work it out at present with a lot of different options that I have either tried already or want to try without upsetting her too much. Sigh...the dilemma!


Anonymous said...

Day care any day, unless you have someone at home to supervise the maid. I had written a very long comment and blogger didn't allow me to publish it, sending you an email.

Divs said...

Thanks for your opinion Preeti. I am looking forward to your email...haven't recd. it yet.

newmumontheblock said...

Between a maid and daycare, my vote goes to daycare. The maid option works if you have someone else at home to supervise the maid. My views on maids are probably colored by my own experiences and horror stories I've heard from others. Day care, from the few I have seen, is more standardized, has better caregivers, more activities for the kids and I think over a period of time maybe they learn to adjust to being there.
I've heard of a few home based daycares in Bombay, which take in not more than ten kids and provide an environment as close to the one the child would get at home. Are there any such options in Bangalore?

Anonymous said...

Hope you've got my

Divs said...

Yup Preeti - just replied to ya!

Arvind said...

Well, I'm new here - apologies if I missed an earlier post about daycare. What is it about daycare that turns you off? Our daughter just turned 3 and has a personality similar to what you're described of your daughter. She is shy with anyone outside her "inner circle". I've found that since joining daycare she's made new friends. Initially we thought she'd gotten over her shyness but after a while we realized that she'd just expanded her inner circle!

Anyways, our only downside with daycare is that when kids get sick, (and they do fall sick often when they've just come back from living in the US), you've gotta scramble to take care of them at home. Also, on a regular day, she hardly gets to go out and play with the apartment kids - something I'm sure we all did a lot of as kids. So, we're considering a nanny that can take care of her in the afternoon after a stint in daycare till about 2 pm. That way, her normal day involves a healthy dose of playing about the neighborhood till 5:30pm or so. On days when she is sick, we'd engage the nanny for the full day.

Divs said...

Arvind - see? So you started with daycare but have morphed into having a preference for a combination of both too right? That's just it Arvind - the comfort of having help at home is nowhere close to having the child in an environment outside of home for most of the day! Especially when you know she prefers sleeping only in her own bed and going potty only on her own potty seat :( And with daycare too, I would still need help in the evenings as my work involves working with folks in the east coast in US which keeps me busy most of the evenings. So - any solutions to that?

Anonymous said...

SBJ - Aakhir kya faisla kiya?

Divs said...

SBJ: Faisla always depends on the reliability of help. Current help is working kinda ok so figured we'll live with that option until situation changes. And when that happens, we'll be back to the drawing board as usual :-) Howz it going for you and little Y?

Rajyalakshmi said...


I happened to come across blog as I was reading about childcare in blore. I have just returned to blore and would be staying in raheja and, as such, i am writing for your thoughts/advice on help to look after my little ones.
did your nanny stay with you or did she go home at the end of the day? how did you get this nanny?

would appreciate your help.