Saturday, July 17, 2010

New Gen Kids

Kids say the funniest things. Listen to a conversation between 2 three-year-olds in our apartment complex. Let me quickly give you the context. The center of this incident is the little girl S (she is 3 years old) whose parents are friends of ours and who, like us, have moved back from the US a couple of years ago. S's daddy has traveled to the US for work a few times since moving back to India.

S (to her mom) : I want that stroller that baby A has (referring to a toy stroller with lights on the wheels)
Mom: I don't know where you get it S. Ask your friend A where she got it.
S (toA): Where did you get this baby stroller with lights?
A: I think Poona.
S (looking very disappointed): Oh. Do you get this in America?
A: I don't know, you may get it. Why?
S: No...if you get it in America, my daddy can buy it for me. Poona...I don't know.

ROFL!!! I was so amazed and amused at the same time when S's mom narrated this to me! See how our kids are turning out? To them, US seems more approachable from Bangalore than Poona :-)


hvp said...

I recently had a similar experience Divya. We were at Ishaan's soccer game and he struck off a conversation with a kid from the other team whom he was meeting for the first time. The convo was something like this:
Other kid (OK) {I don't even know his name}: Hey do you have an MP3 player?
IP: Yes I do. I have all my cool songs on it.
OK: Do you have an Ipod?
IP: Yes.. an Ipod Touch.
OK: Man you are lucky. I just have a regular I pod. Do you watch videos on it?

The convo went on like this further and OK's mom and I were just amused. She was a desi also and both of us said, "My God, when we were kids, we were not even allowed to touch the one small cassette player in the house.... and look at them."

I seriously think and sometimes worry whether this generation is growing too fast and what is the future going to be like.

Chitra said...

Divs, lol yeah US is definitely more do-able than Poona.

BTW, I only now completed the tag! Sorry for the delay, but better late than never. :)

Divs said...

HVP: You're so right on that one. There are so many things our kids take for granted that we never even had. Like they wouldn't even know life without a microwave or DVD players! For us those were pure luxuries or sometimes not even existent :-)

Chitra: :-) Thanks for taking up the tag finally. Better late than never!

Shilpa speaks! said...

My kid had a casual conversation with his cousin about Nintendo DS and it's features... and I was thinking that at that age, all I had was snake and ladders...

Divs said...

Yup - really true Shilpa! Snakes and Ladders and Ludo...and Brainvita if we were lucky :-) Today's kids probably don't even know of Brainvita :-) BTW went through your blogs...really nice. Will keep coming back for more!