Thursday, December 2, 2010

More cute conversations

N came back from school today and her nanny (our maid) had cooked fish for her after ages. We usually do not cook fish at home since we are not big fans of fish but the maid is Bengali so she craves it once in a while. Today she went and bought it and cooked it for herself and li'l N.

Now when I called home to check how N was doing, I could hear my lil N saying in the background "Mien aapki shikayat karoongi mamma se" (I will complaint about you to mamma). So I wanted to humor her and asked our maid to hand her the phone.

N comes on the phone and says: "Mamma aap didi ko daant lagana kyonki didi ne ghich pich kiya meri plate mien" (Ghich pich kiya in our house is a kiddish way of saying made a mess)

Me: "Ghich pich kiya? Kya ghich pich kiya?"

N: "Poori dal meri plate mien dal di aur katori gira di."

Me: "Oh...ok. Mien daant lagaungi ok?"

N: "Aur aap mujhe fish nahin dete ho. Didi deti hai. Lekin aap daant lagana. Fish mien dandi tha."

Me thoroughly amused by now at the endearing racket these 2 were creating at home. But also being my cautious mommy self now and instructing the maid to make sure she cleans the bones before feeding the child (choking hazard and what not).

Sigh...when did my lil N grow up so much! She went from speaking pure English to a lot of Hindi now and can even translate between the 2 skillfully. She speaks to us in English and if she wants to convey the same thing to her maid or her grandparents, she turns to them and translates for them in Hindi :-) And she never really likes to have proper conversations on the phone except for days like today. Just these small snippets of talks with her on the phone make my working day go by a lot easier at times.


Anonymous said...

SBJ - yes the other annon was me.. :-)
Nikku is getting cuter by the day... Aren't they growing too quickly?

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Divs said...

Yup SBJ...too too quickly I must say. When I look at her interacting with small babies these days, I can't stop marveling at how mature she has become in her actions towards them!

Anonymous said...

OMG! Thats such a cute convo. Complaning about the maid and bones in the fish :)) VERY CUTE!
Its great that N can speak in hindi too, that gives me some hope. I've been trying to teach hindi to Ash for some time now.

Divs said...

Ofcourse there's hope Priyanka. I did not teach her any language consciously - they pick it up from school, friends, relatives, maids...whoever they spend most time with. So no worries there.