Friday, April 8, 2011

Inspiration Block

Help ladies!!! I seem to be stuck in an 'inspiration block'. You know how you can't figure out what to write next when you have a writer's block? Well, for me these days, each day seems to be like an inspiration block. Almost like I can't figure out what to do with my time all day. I mean I want to tidy up my home or redecorate or do a fun craft activity with my child or just cook something new. But just don't seem to muster up the enthusiasm to do anything!!! Why??? This sucks! I am not sure when this will pass or what it will take to make this thought I'd ask you ladies for suggestions. Do you feel this way at times? How do you snap out of it? Even at work, I do what I need to do but almost subconsciously...not wholeheartedly. Each evening when I come home, I hate to think of getting into meetings again within an hour...I used to do it all so well until a few weeks ago...these days I just feel shitty about everything :(

The ONLY thing that I have started engaging in these days is this new sitcom Modern Family, after reading about it at Simran's blog here. Thanks Simran for that one new thing I look out for during the day...I had almost given up on TV after moving to India since I was soooo hooked to all the sitcoms in the US but had failed to find anything interesting here. I know they telecast replays but those are seasons I may have already seen or some shows I loved are not even telecast in India. So this is like a breath of fresh air.

Any other tips, ideas, suggestions guys? I thought of finally acting on something I always wanted to learn - sewing. I even called the classes yesterday and told them I am coming today to enroll. But then not sure what made me fizzle out this morning :( That's another reason you may see a new look to my blog...these new colors kind of made me feel good and I hope to get inspired by them too. Every little bit counts you see :-)?

Edited to Add: It has been several hours since I typed this post. Since then, I have taken a short afternoon nap (since I was working from home today), gone to the parlor to get my legs waxed, have planned on taking lil N to the swimming pool tomorrow, had a good nice talk to the hubby about this and generally feel a whole lot better already. Almost like I have finally snapped out of it. Thank God!!! And Simran, a sincere thanks to you as well for writing some uplifting words almost right away. I think finally writing about my emotions and knowing there are others like me out there helped me get out of it.


Simran said...

Oh Yeah!!That totally happens to me, so many times. My mood is like a sine curve, some days I am absolutely charged up about e'thing and some days e'thing can gth and I couldn't care less. The laundry basket is full up to the brim, washed clothes waiting to be ironed or folded, closets in need of organizing, cooking/food seems boring and life in general dull. I embrace this phase fully with open arms *wink* and then some spark jolts me from it. Give it a few days.... or else write down (making a list of to-do's and want-to-do's really helps me) stuff that you want to do and something off that list will jump at you (it could be the most irrelevant, unimportant and trivial but interesting task). Once you do that it will take care of lifting up your mood Try that! Phew! sorry about the long reply.
And another awesome series but in a completely different genre is Dexter. Thriller drama and addictive. Its at 10 pm Mon to Fri on Star World. Is already at end of Season 2 but 3 more seasons to follow.

Divs said...

Thanks for the uplifting words Simran. I guess what is bumming me is not being able to figure out whats wrong. I mean I guess I know but I do want to snap out. I have been able to before...guess this one will take a lil longer. BTW I do see ads of Dexter but am not into such stuff. I miss shows like Grey's Anatomy, George Lopez, Seinfeld, Mad About You, Good Morning Miami...and oh soooo many such humorous sitcoms! Whats the cure for that? Sigh!!!

Anonymous said...

Divs, I went through tough time during winter, for the first time in my life I experienced depression. The weather here is so loucy..I am craving for sunlight..Days like that do happen..just give it sometime..everything will be back to normal..

Simran said...

Great!! I am so happy for you :)

Divs said...

Thanks Simran and Seena. Feels good to be back in the zone :-)