Friday, September 16, 2011

My world of sewing

So I wrapped up my sewing class in mid August and have been working on some projects at home since then. The class was for learning 2 basic garments - skirt-top and salwar-suit. It helped tremendously to get the basics right and steer me towards the right direction in terms of exploring the rest on my own.

As promised in my previous post, here is a small list of my initial projects (in chronological order) in the sewing world along with some pictures:

1. Top for lil N
2. Patternless free flowing skirt
3. Re-purposed hubby's pants to make shorts for him
4. Altered one of my nighties
5. Basic Salwar suit (kurta and salwar both)
6. Sleeveless kurta with a fancy neck (using paper canvas)
7. Patchwork Purse for lil N (made out of leftover fabric)
8. Another kurta for my sil (similar to what I made in # 6)
9. Completed a half finished night gown for mil
10. Assisted friends in altering the length and slits of their kurtas

Top for lil N

Skirt for myself

Re-purposed hubby's pants as shorts

Here is the kurta...

Here is the salwar...

And here is the entire outfit!

My second kurta (sleeveless and a little more advanced neck pattern)

A better view of the neckline

Me modeling the second kurta with the first salwar :-)

A small purse for lil N

Lately now, I have been working on a new frock for lil N with left over fabric. Linking this to Patty's 'Weekly Story' here! So whaddaya think so far?


hvp said...

This is just awesome, Divs!! I had attempted sewing a few years back, but gave up. In fact I did not even take proper lessons. I hung on to the sewing machine with a hope that I will come back to it for quite a few years, but finally decided to give up and passed on the machine to my SIL.
Very impressive and inspirational... hats off to you lady!

hvp said...

BTW, we are connected on FB... but please don't disappear from blogland.

Sumana said...

Beautiful, that was quick and neat work. Very nice and keep blogging. Loved the kurta and the neck really awesome.

Divs said...

Thanks HVP! Yeah I did not want to buy a machine until I got the hang of sewing too. So I started with a class before I bought one...or else I'm sure I'd have done what you did :-) And pls don't embarrass me! What you are doing in the world of creativity is pretty awesome!

BTW I may not disappear from blogland but definitely do not feel like posting too much these days coz of lack of time or enthusiasm. So if you think of me, just leave me a line via email or FB and I'll do the same :-)

Divs said...

Thanks Sumana! Now that the class is over, I hardly get time to work on the sewing machine at home :(

Patricia Torres said...

Oh my gosh.. this is absolutely stunning!! The one thing I simply CANNOT do. And am always stunned by your creations.. Thank you for popping by at Colours Dekor…

Divs said...

Thanks Patricia...although stunning would be too strong a word for just beginner's attempts. BTW now that I am a regular, coloursdekor is on my blogroll. Now the fun stuff I do each weekend, I even think about how I will post it and link it up to your weekly stories :-) Thanks for the inspiration!