Tuesday, August 12, 2008

R2I Plan - Crazy Busy!!!

I just thought since this is a crazy crazy crazy phase of my life - both at home and at work, I must record it somehow so that one day when all of this is behind us, I can reflect and marvel at how we made the R2I thing happen.

Not to say that we didn't know this was going to happen eventually. But when things pick up momentum, it all happens so fast that you don't even realize when time flew by. You suddenly DO NOT have the luxury of planning or envisioning how you'd make the move finally happen.

So here's a brief glimpse of how crazy our days look like currently. Our goal is to wrap up everything and fly out from San Francisco to Mumbai on Aug 27 2008!
  • July 6 - July 15: DH flies out to India finalizing the new job
  • July 16: Countdown begins. We need to finalize our move so that he can join in Bangalore by early Sept.
  • July 23: I inform my manager at work about the impending move and its implications to my current job. Go in with a heavy heart and an intention of discussing a last date, transition plan etc. But get pleasantly surprised on hearing that they want me to continue with them even if it is remote - atleast for the first 6-9 months! Wow!
  • July 30: Have informed the key folks at work about this change in my role and the fact that we are working on a short term engagement plan so that I can still continue in this capacity from Bangalore.
  • Aug 7: My boss arranges for a farewell lunch in my honor for our entire team. The lunch was something I will never forget - not coz I had such good company but mainly coz I had to undergo the humiliation of getting a driving ticket while driving with 2 co-workers and my boss on our way to lunch :( Thankfully they were really sympathetic since it was a very lame violation (overlooked a forced right sign - well I had 3 other folks in the car who didn't see it as well!).
  • Aug 8: I was told that working for my company on a US or Indian salary structure might not work after all since it is a short term assignment and not a long term role. So we need to start looking at the contingent worker arrangement.
  • Aug 15: My last physical day at work.
  • Aug 17: Celebrating our little one's first birthday (a little earlier than her actual bday). So organizing a huge party, inviting every near and dear one we know and killing two birds at a time - farewell and bday bash for little N.
  • Aug 21: Our shipping container folks come in and take away all the stuff we need to ship to India.
  • Aug 22: My under-grad friends from hostel days in India flying down from various parts of the US to spend the weekend with me. I am so touched by this gesture of theirs...sigh...I'm gonna miss them.
  • Aug 25: Little N's actual first birthday! Earlier plans were to take her to the temple but now we need to take her for her well check exam so that she can get her immunizations! Ouch!
  • Aug 27: Chalo India!!! We fly out this evening to Mumbai. A lot of mixed emotions...primarily nostalgic and sad about leaving behind our memories we built here in the last 10 years.
See? Like one of my friends said - you have left no room at all for a change of mind :-) Hmmm...now is that how my hubby planned it for me on purpose? ;-) Will have to go poke him abt this...

So here's hoping everything falls in place and go per plan...and the transition to India is smooth for us and our little N. BTW we are maintaining a checklist of things to do before and after R2I. Look for it in one of my future posts.


Jyoti said...

Good job keeping up this site inspite of your busy schedule.

mufs said...

hi divya..
been a long time..
my u hve a hectic week ahead of u..
i know it can be very diffclt with a young child but hope u manage things well..all the best..
hope to see u whn u reach here..

my mobile no is 9902626978..
keep in touch!

all the best again!!

Divs said...

@Jyoti: Yeah thanks for keeping up the reading too...feels good to know I have a few regular readers :-)

@Mufs: Nice to hear from you after a long time :-) Yeah it is quite crazy these days...will def. call you once we are there. BTW I still don't have your email id :-(

mufs said...
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Potti said...

Divya, came across your blog as I was looking for new desi moms.. being in the US for the last 7 years, I know we will be returning some time. I found your post interesting.. I guess one is never ready :) I'd like to be blog friends (if that is ok with you). Check my blog out at storiesfrommycouch.blogspot.com