Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy 2009! Adios 2008!

What a year it has been - 2008. My inlaws and then my parents visited us in California early 2008. And then just a few months later, we made a huge decision of our lives - to make the move back to India after over a decade in the US. We celebrated our little one's first birthday in Aug 2008 and then moved back to India in the same month (actually just 2 days after she turned one!). Just 3 months later, we made our first road trip in India with little N all by ourselves - just as we were used to in the US. Hopped on in the car and drove off to the hills of Coorg. Celebrated Christmas and dear hubby's bday there and then got back home to Bangalore for New Years.

You know what I won't forget about 2007 ever? The fact that I became a mom for the first time in that year. And our cozy marriage of 2 now turned into a cheerful family of 3.

And you know, what I won't forget about 2008 ever? Not just the fact that I gave in to the idea of moving back to India (which I always just kept hearing about from my hubby and kept shrugging it off as if it is a distant dream). But also the horrific events that unfolded soon after our move - the horrible Mumbai terror attack in Nov 2008. I think that entire episode changed something in me forever. The passive patriot in me that was sleeping somewhere suddenly woke up and all of a sudden, I felt we made the right decision to move back and do something for our own country and IN our own country for once.

Sigh! I do hope and pray that 2009 brings cheer and joy to all. My resolution this year is to do whatever I can to make my country a place that is safe enough for my child to be raised in.


Sindhu said...

Kudos to you, Divs. You made THE move that most of us think as a distant future :) We're planning on moving back ourselves and hopefully we'll adjust just like you are. Has the little one gotten used to all the sights, sounds of India? :)

Divs said...

Thanks Sindhu! You know even now it is still sinking in that we have actually made THE move :-) But I am sure you will be fine too. Little N has absolutely blended in fine. She is enjoying all the attention she gets here even from strangers (unlike the US where most folks try not to interfere :-))

Nithya said...

Hi Divya - Happy New Year to you and your family. It's been busy here. :(
So you went to Coorg/Mercara? That was where I went for my honeymoon. I had a friend and his family there.

Divs said...

Thanks Nithya - wish you guys the same too! I kinda thought you were busy coz I sent you an offline msg on yahoo as well. Yes we were at Coorg/Madikeri for Xmas. Was good fun. Oh cool you had your honeymoon there?