Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Time flies by so quickly

My dearest little N turned 17 months on Sunday. I have been meaning to write this post since then and its already 3 days without me realizing it! Time sure flies by when you have a toddler this age in your hands. She is learning sooooo much every day that it is hard to keep up and capture it all. Every day adds a new word to her vocabulary, a new discovery to her endless world and a new trick that she catches from either me or her papa.

Here is my best attempt at capturing what she is upto most these days (ofcourse this is not all inclusive since it is forever evolving). Sometimes I wonder if this is the best of all ages coz every day she learns something new. When she was a baby, it used to be a new milestone every few weeks unlike every few hours now :-) And I am so glad I am the one teaching her most of these new things or being with her watching her catch on rather than being away all day at work and missing out on this fun. Working from home has this huge benefit (amongst other disadvantages ofcourse).

Anyways, so here I go:

  • Tuesday, Jan 27 - you learnt to say 2 new words - "duddu" and "office". When asked where is papa, you would say office. And ofcourse I thought you being able to finally address your milk as duddu was the topper of all charts! Finally you could express to me verbally (instead of sucking your little thumb) to tell me you want milk!
  • This was also the day you learnt to use "mama" in its full blown glory non stop all day long to call me to you. Earlier you would just yell "aa" or "eehh" to call me but suddenly this day you just started following me along all over the house all day shouting "mama mama mama" in all sorts of tones - question, exclamation, boredom....you name it and you have it!
  • Wednesday, Jan 28 - you learnt to say the word "no".
  • And ofcourse - by now you show most of your body parts when asked. But the cutest of it all is what daddy taught you recently - to dance on the song "heads shoulders knees and toes". You play your Learning Puppy on that song over and over again and start tapping your heads, knees and toes on the song. It is such a joy to see you entertain yourself by just learning to do that over and over and over again...sometimes you even get the "eyes and ears and mouth and nose" part quite well :-)
  • Here are some other tricks we taught you:
    • Us: N---- mum mum kash khaata (How does N---- eat mum mum)?
    • You: Gup gup
    • Us: What does a tiger say?
    • You: (growling sound) Haaaaa
    • Us: How does a bee fly?
    • You: zzzzzzzzzzz
    • Us: How does the frog eat the bee?
    • You: Haaaap (mommy taught you this when she saw this cartoon on channel 9xm that you love to watch)
    • Us: Aeroplane kashi jatele (How does an aeroplane fly)?
    • You: show the flying motion with your hand
    • Us: N, where does Papa go?
    • You: Aaaapis (Office)
  • Some words you try speaking but manage a much cuter version of:
      • Plane - you say something that sounds like "beam"
      • Bee
      • Heart
      • Dots
      • Cartoon - you say something like "tattoon"
      • Uda (means water in konkani) - you say "da"
      • Duddu (means milk in hindi)
      • Mum mum (for food)
      • Trisha (your friend/neighbor) - you say "Tisha"
      • Aryan (your friend/neighbor) - you say "Aayan"
      • Apple - you say "aappu"
      • Cup
      • Tub
      • Papa
      • Mama
      • Mummy
      • Amma
      • Aabu
      • Nana
      • Nani
      • Come
      • Go
By now you have quite a vocabulary and it grows almost daily. You basically try and repeat after us to catch on to these small words.

There are sooooooooo many other things you do that are every so endearing. Like I said, it is
impossible to capture all of that in a blog but atleast I wanted to make sure I have some of it noted down for being able to narrate to you when you grow up.

Lots of love...your "mama".

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