Friday, January 8, 2010

Moving On to the New Year

Just a random post to pour out all that I have been feeling lately...
  • Ever since I got back home to Bangalore after a month long trip from my brother's wedding, things seem quite changed with most of my friends in town. Seems like everyone has moved on to pursue things in life that they always wanted to. Its all for their good ofcourse but it just seems like so much has hapenned in the one month I was away. One of my friends & neighbor bought a new home (which ofcourse means she will be moving away soon), two of my friends got pregnant with a second one (and sadly both of them lost the babies too), one of them got out and got a job (which means she is less available during the day) and another one is looking to pursue some kind of an educational course to get back to work. This gave me lots of inspiration and the push I needed to get out in the job market myself. Just seems like all of us who have been at home during the transitional period to settle down in Bangalore have now decided to move on.
  • So I started 2010 with a resolution that this is the year I will take the next big step in my life - either have a second kid or buy a home for ourselves or get back to my career that I gave up almost a year ago (since we moved back from the US). So that is my resolution - to move on to the next step in life and get all the support structure needed around me to support this move.
  • Hence I am currently in the market for a full time cook cum nanny for my kiddo. Just like I had in the US. And I tell you it is hard...very hard to find someone you can trust your child and your home to. I am trying out different maids almost every other day. I am also evaluating day-cares as another option but am a little hesitant sending little N to one at this stage. Knowing her, we as parents believe she will be most comfortable at her own home. I really hope and pray I find someone as trustworthy as I had in the US. How I wish I could call that nanny over to India and have her live with us! If you don't know who I am talking about, see here and here.
  • My plan is to settle little N down with either a nanny or a day-care and get back to work in the next month or so. Any tips or ideas anyone? How have you stepped out of home with a little one around? I mean I had gone back to work right after she turned 3 months but that was in the US and that too once I found a nanny I could trust. I think it is easier to trust someone there than in India coz of the laws and traceability system there. The quality of maids I am finding here is not comparable to what I had there and the Montessori schools I like do not have on-campus day-cares here. So what did you mommies who moved back to India do? What if I get a job I really like but it requires some travel? And worse - what if they require travel abroad (even if it is once or twice a year)? What do you guys do then?


MindfulMeanderer said...

Its tough to get a good nanny in India.. I had tried it.. did not work. But i know a few friends who got maids from their hometown and are happy. I feel day care is a better option in India.
Best of luck with ur plans for 2010! :)

Anonymous said...

I had an arrangement near my workplace, where I left my son and my maid with an old couple(very active). They just did this for company, kept just 2 kids with their maids and had a big house which was very clean and a really lovely place. I might have done a post on this. It provided my son a very homely place and care under elders (more experienced and had more patience too). And my maid was in charge of diaper changes etc and of course running after him.It gave me a lot of peace of mind. The only downside was the travel that was involved every day in dropping him and picking him up in the evenings. But it was worth it! See if such an arrangement is available somewhere near where you stay or where you might work!

Divs said...

@MM: Yeah I am beginning to think you're right. But day care also has a lot of cons like the child falling ill more often, child (if shy like mine) not comfortable outside the home all day etc. :(

@Preeti: You really got lucky there I must say! I am not sure I will have that option specially coz lil N goes to a playschool for 3 hours in the morning. If she was younger and needed only home care, I would have explored such a home based daycare but now she is into socializing at school part of the day too.

Anonymous said...

SBJ - Divs, I understand your sentiments. We have the same confusion, none of us want Y to be out in a day care all day long.. Also, if they are to catch bugs then what is the back up plan?
It is better to have someone who can be at home, and so the kid can enjoy her/his freedom and comfort level whilst going to a nursery part-time to get a change of scenario.
Choices, Choices - so many decisions... and every little decision makes a huge impact!

Jyoti said...

Div... you can always start off part time. Find a home based day care for Nikku..let her go there for a couple of hours. Once she gets used to the setup and is comfortable, you can eventually go full-time. Thats what I am doing. Yesterday we left Kabir at the day care from 8 to 4 and he was just fine :)