Thursday, January 6, 2011


N's grandparents (grandpa, grandma and aunt) left for Bombay 4 days ago (on Sunday, Jan 2) after staying with us for 3 weeks during N's Christmas break. She has been missing them soooo much since then. The night before they were leaving, she went to each one of them saying "I don't want you to go :(" It was tough explaining to her that they have to go for now but will come back soon.

They were leaving very early on Sunday morning and I made sure I woke her up early morning at around 4am when they were leaving so that she can say goodbye. Or else she would wake up to a rude surprise to find them gone and be very unhappy. So I remind her about how she said bye to them each time she asks for them. Luckily for her, Sunday was relatively easy since 2 of my cousins (lil N's P mama and R maasi with her 2 boys) came to visit us. So she had company around to distract her. But after that she has been asking me when will Nana and Nani (my mom and dad) come. Sigh!

The next day (Monday) she woke up and her first words were "where are my amma, aabu and bua?" I reminded her again and since school was reopening, got her ready and packed her off to school. I knew it would really hit her hard when she got back and did not find anyone (including her mom and dad) at home unlike the last few weeks and we had been on vacation too along with her grandparents. So sure enough she came back from school and looked for them in every room at home and then asked her didi (our maid) when are her amma, aabu and bua coming back.

After 4 days have passed, she has come back to her routine of school and stuff but still misses them. She does seem to have come to terms with what we've been telling her though - that they sat in an aeroplane and went to their Bombay home. They will come back again in a few months.

I feel sad for her and have been going home a little earlier than usual from work so that she does not feel too lonely. She does seem to be okay now and is mostly back to her normal routine. But she sure seems to have made up her mind for the next time. Here is what she plans:

A snippet of our conversation last night while putting N to sleep:

N: Mummy, when will my Aabu, Amma and Bua come again?
Me: Hmmm...(thinking of a suitable number of weeks to be given to her)
N: When they come back again, I want to tie them and not let them go back!
Me (smiling and not so surprised at her plan): Okay sweetie, I will help you tie them okay?
N: Yes, we will tie them in our drawing room. Okay mamma?
Me: Okay sweetie, now go to sleep.

Sigh! Come back again Amma, Aabu and Bua - your lil N misses you so!


Gayathri said...
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Gayathri said...

Awww :(

I can imagine how sad she must be..

Anonymous said...

It breaks our heart to see the lil one so unhappy. I have experienced this with Ash so many times by now, Ash too is getting used to people coming and going now. But she still looks sad on the day of their departure. Poor Babies! :(

Divs said...

@Gayathri & Priyanka: Yes...the kids love having company around and this is the biggest reason I am glad we moved back to India. She is back to her routine now so I am convinced they bounce back eventually. Thank god!