Monday, January 10, 2011

Profound Words

Some of the things the little one says these days make my jaw drop. I mean we have NEVER ever used such words ourselves so it makes me wonder where she picks up these things.

Like this past weekend, I was annoyed at her for not letting me talk to one of my friends who had called from the US. N was constantly around me asking me for chips, chocolate, this and that while I was trying to have a sane conversation. Finally I had to hang up in a hurry and was upset with N for making me do that. But I didn't yell or do anything about it. I just sulked. So after a while she noticed that I was not in a good mood and was propped on the couch with hubby and watching TV. She chooses this moment to announce the following:

N: "I don't want to live in this house. No one smiles at me here."

Whoa!!! We were shocked!!!


Another cute incident. She comes home with one of our friends B who picks up her son A and my lil N after school. So one day on her way home she somehow realized that their teacher has put her napkin in her friend A's school bag by mistake. So she tells B auntie:

N: "Auntie, A has my napkin. Please give it back to me nahin to (or else) I will cry and have big big tears in my eyes in front of my mamma and papa!"


Now please tell me where on earth do they pick up such thoughts and words from???? I mean she is still a 3 year old isn't she?


Suhasini said...

that's cute.. daughters are surely a pleasure to be with :). Being 3 years old and already expressing so much.. there's more to come! have fun!:)

Divs said...

Thanks Suhasini. Yep our kids constantly amaze us everyday. BTW I visited your blog today and liked reading through it. Thanks for adding me to your blogroll.