Monday, June 4, 2012

About Summer Holidays, Life Changes, Other Updates and Such

  • Mar 30, 2012: Lil N said goodbye to her teachers, akkas and the wonderful friends at her Montessori and Daycare for the last 2 years - Little Feat Montessori. She graduated with lots of memories and learning and ready to join her "big school" coming June. She and I made cute farewell cards for each of the teacher and akka who has touched her life here. 

  • Mar 30, 2012: Same night, flew out to Bombay for a month long summer break with both sets of her grandparents. 
  • Apr 13, 2012: Flew to Jammu (via Delhi) for the loooooong overdue trip to Vaishno Devi. 
  • Apr 14, 2012: Jai Mata Di! Vaishno Devi darshan at last!!!
  • Apr 15, 2012: Back to Bombay 
  • Apr 18, 2012: Lil N and I set out to visit my dear bro and bhabhi in Pune (N's mama and mami)
  • Apr 19, 2012: Visited my office in Pune, met the team face to face for the first time. N spent a memorable day chilling with her mami at home. Great bonding on both fronts :-)
  • Apr 21, 2012: Drove to my parents home for us to spend quality time with them for a week. 
  • Apr 28, 2012: Back to Bombay
  • Apr 30, 2012: Back to Bangalore - Home Sweet Home after a month! Time for getting back to our routine and looking forward to new beginnings with new school and stuff.
  • May 11, 2012:  Added a new member to our family - the oh-so-cute-cozy-soft-whitish-fawn lab pup. Born on April 8, 2012 - was about 33 days when he came into his new home with us. Lil N named him Simba :-)
  • May 27, 2012: N and I decided to doll up her play room so that she can call it her own and even sleep there with Simba. This is a huge milestone for her and us as well. We bought a tonne of stuff for her bedroom that same day and she has happily slept in it ever since. (Just so I don't forget: This has been a very very gradual process. I had started training her to sleep by herself while in Bombay the previous month. She went from wanting me to be in the same room as her while she tried to sleep, then leaving the door open for a while, then me leaving the room after reading and kissing her good night. When we came back to Bangalore, the whole thing kinda regressed again and she wanted me to sleep with her on her bed which was on the floor next to ours. Then when Simba arrived, it regressed even more! She slept between us on our bed coz obviously if Simba walks on her or worse chews or bites her while she is asleep on her bed that was on the floor, it would be terrible. A week or two of these crazy sleep arrangements especially with Simba falling a little ill and us not having the heart to leave him outside our room, I had this bright idea of getting N all excited about "her room". Thankfully she took to that idea and we excitedly went shopping for her room with her - she literally chose everything and I promised to get her even more if she keeps her promise of sleeping in her room every day. Now I lie in her bed, read to her next to her new bedside lamp, on her new girlie pillows and kiddie bedspread,  kiss her goodnight and leave the room. She does wake up around 4am or so and call out for me crying - and that is when me (and sometimes me and my hubby both) bring our blankets and join her for our dose of baby cuddles until we wake up in the morning :-) The other promise she wanted was that Simba sleep in her room and we have been trying to get him into the habit as well. So far so good. Touchwood...knock on wood...kala tikka...whatever it takes :-))
  • Jun 6, 2012: Her new school begins. Goodbye lazy mornings...sigh! 


ArtsyCraftsyMom said...

:) What a coincidence! .. share the pics soon.

notyet100 said...

Cards are so cute,,,

Patricia Torres said...

The cards are super cute.. The lab pup is even more cuter.. how gorgeous.. your little one will totally love him..

Thanks for linking into the weekly story last week..

HOpe you are having a fabulous week ahead.. :)

Manasi said...

Hi, good to see you back :) Next time you are in Pune, do drop me a line, would love to meet you and lil N. All the best to her as she begins big school!

Divs said...

@Shruti - yeah will do for sure.

@notyet100 - thks!

@Patricia - thanks! yeah she loves him so much that does not even let him nap :-) They are always going at each other!

@Manasi - Thanks for the warm welcome. Yeah I've not been blogging for a while now :-) I did not realize you are in Pune. For sure I'll hook up with you next time I am in town.