Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Good Morning Big School :-)

OMG - my little baby has finally grown up. I think I am choking the same way today as the day she weaned off breastmilk! This little baby of mine looks like such a big girl in the her uniform! I somehow feel that the change in boys is less drastic when they transform from a non-uniform playschool to a uniform one fine morning coz they continue to wear a shirt and shorts right? Yes - now it is all tucked in and plain white or beige but it is still not a totally different look. But girls - not so much. Coz little girls usually wear anything from shorts to pants to frocks to skirts. Suddenly seeing them in a uniform makes you realize how time has flown by and my baby has now matured into this school going disciplined girl. I know you'll say it is just LKG but still a uniform adds to their years I feel. And it also brings back vivid memories of when I trotted off to my school (not so long ago?)!

Anyway...just wanted to share the joy of this morning when I got my child ready to join her "big bachcha's school" (meaning: big kids school) as she calls it. Leaving you with some pics that say the rest...

My pride, My Joy, My Sunshine
 On her way to school
She is thrilled that her best friend A is also in the same class as her!


Choxbox said...

SOO cute!

Divs said...

Thanks Chox :-)

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